Ensuring Respect for Human Rights


MANAB is created as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and Registered under Indian Registration Act, 1908.It  is also registered itself with the NGO Partnership System initiated by the Planning Commission of India, the detail of which is available at http://ngo.india.gov.in/view_ngo_details.php?ngo_id=Manab101&ngo_black=0&t_state=WB&t_dist_new3=WB002&sector_key=HRT&ngo_name=M A N A B&uniqueid=It is a forum for those who have keen interest to promote, protect and prevent the violation of Human Rights irrespective of their areas of expertise.It facilitates the sharing of knowledge and ideas about international instruments, national and regional laws on Human Rights issues. 


MANAB is founded by the sole effort of Mr. Amitra Sudan Chakrabortty, the present Managing Trustee with his keen desire to promote, protect and prevent violation of Human Rights.He has earned his LL.B and LL.M degree from the Department of Law, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India.Apart from that he also served the society as an Advocate for some years.He is presently serving as a Lecturer-in-Law in a University. He has also presented papers in seminar, workshop and attended several seminar , workshop. He is also pursuing his P.hd in Law (on Human Rights Issue) from the Department of Law, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal. During his practice tenure as an Advocate and his working as a Human Rights activist independently since 2004, he realised the the grass root reality of the suffering of the people for both the violation of their basic human rights and the institutional failure to protect those rights. And being concerned by the aforesaid happenning, the founder has founded this Human Rights Organization to raise his voice jointly with the cooperation of the common people for the promotion, protection and prevention of violation of Human Rights.

Hence, the Founder is seeking kind cooperation from the every members of the society to achieve the objects of founding this Human Rights organization.


The principle Object of MANAB is to promote, protect and prevent violation of Human Rights irrespective of national boundaries with its constant endeavour to encourage the concerned organs of the State to develop effective legal mechanism to achieve its principal objective. It further specifically aims to :

I. spread Human Rights Education for all as because MANAB believes that education alone can go a long way to achieve its principal objective;

II. undertake training programme for law enforcement machinery to help them to become effective Human Rights Defender;

III.undertake research study in all areas of human rights;

IV. organize lectures, debate, panel discussions, awareness camp, seminar, workshops, conferences, on contemporary issues on Human rights;

V. publicize Human Rights through suitable means e.g., newsletter, newspaper, journal, magazine, books, email, blog etc.


MANAB  seeks to collaborate with international, national and regional organizations, institutions, government departments whose objectives are similar to it for the purpose of promotion, protection and prevention of Human Rights Violation. Concerned governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions and departments are, therefore, requested to support the initiatives taken by it.


 is very recently going to launch its committed website