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Suresh Verma.
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The fund for Investigative Journalism invites Grants forproposal for Investgative Projects & Books

The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is currently accepting grant proposals from eligible applicants for investigative projects and books.


Since FIJ was founded in 1969, it has awarded more than $1.5 million in grants to freelance reporters, authors and small publications, enabling the publication of more than 700 stories and broadcasts and some 50 books.


The projects that are eligible to apply for this grant include investigations involving government accountability, environmental issues, or local issues with national implications. Watchdog reporting for ethnic media is also encouraged.


Proposal Submission


The proposal must include a letter outlining the story, what the applicant expects to prove, how this will be done, and the types of sources for the proof. Anticipated completion date must also be mentioned. It is expected that the project lengths vary from few months to one year. If more time is needed, please explain that in the proposal. For books, include the anticipated publication date.


In case the proposed topic of the investigation project has already been covered, the applicant must explain in the proposal what has already been done, and how the proposed investigation would break new ground or significantly advance the story.


The applicants are required to submit their resume, a detailed budget justifying the size of requested grant, two writing samples or one sample book chapter, and a signed letter of commitment from a news executive for the intended news outlet. The letter of commitment must be presented on the news outlet’s letterhead and state its intent to publish or broadcast the investigative report as proposed, as long as the finished work meets the news organization’s standards.


In the case of individuals seeking grants for books, a signed copy of a contract with a publisher is required and should be substituted for the commitment letter. Applications submitted without a letter of commitment or a book contract are ineligible for grant awards.


Last date for submission of proposals is November 1, 2011.





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